Scott Erickson Art Shop

Scott Erickson is an Austin-based artist, author, performance speaker, and creative curate. His work mixes autobiography, mythology, and aesthetics to create art and moments that speak to our deepest experiences. The first time I saw Scott’s work was at South Bend City Church this past December, where they hosted his Advent Art Show. When Scott announced that he was looking for help with his online store, friends Jason Miller and Jacob Titus put us in touch. In early January 2021 Scott hired me to design and build a new online store.

Web Design & Development, E-commerce
January 2021
Featured project image. Scott Erickson Art Shop web design layout by Camille Zyniewicz

The Problem

Scott’s Instagram is a masterclass for curating one’s artwork. After great success selling prints, Scott wanted to improve the user experience for the online store. He wanted to make it easier for customers to find the art prints they are looking for, give the store a fresh new look, clearly differentiate it from his informational website, and streamline the checkout process.

The Process

We began by choosing a new store theme. I referenced the theme and Scott's existing content to design a new home page communicating who Scott is, what he does, and his latest work available on the online store. I implemented custom design changes to the theme in the CSS file––including color application, section formatting, product collection grid styling, and custom text in the order confirmation email. I helped strategize and implement a restructured navigation and filter options to improve usability, which informed our reorganization of inventory on the backend.

Home page web design layout for Scott Erickson Art Shop by Camille Zyniewicz.

The Solution

Together, we achieved an improved user experience and streamlined check-out process for the online store, which means Scott's fully engaged audience can find specific items and browse collections with ease. The new dropdown menu includes three main categories––products, collection categories, and downloadables. Customers can also use the search icon in the top right corner of the screen to narrow in on keywords and topics that Scott's work encompasses. We included an FAQ page where Scott answers some of the most frequent questions he receives and embedded a link to Scott's frame recommendations for prints in the order confirmation email. Scott puts out a lot of work that is extremely meaningful for many people, myself included. I'm grateful I got to meet and work with the same talented and generous person. Every part of working on this project with Scott was awesome.

"Bare Walls No More." Home page web design layout, slide two, by Camille Zyniewicz.