Camille Zyniewicz


I'm a multi-disciplinary designer. I enjoy working on projects that enable people to engage with a physical space, place, or product and I'm especially interested in kitchen-table problems that touch on financial literacy and inclusion, health and wellness, and education.

Outside of my full-time work as a UX researcher, I lead website and e-commerce design and development projects from concept to launch. I currently work with small service and retail businesses, non-profits, and artists monetizing their work.

Previously, I worked with a pre-seed startup as the only designer on a team of four, I joined a startup studio where I explored starting a new venture, and I designed print and digital communications assets and materials.

Have a project you would like to consider working on together? The best way to reach me is by email.


User experience research & design
Website design
Webflow development
Shopify development
Squarespace development

Select Clients

Alex Ann Allen
ArtDabbler Designs
Studio Brubaker
Tutt Street